Thursday, 3 November 2011

November already.

The holiday rush never ceases to catch me off-guard. Suddenly things are blowing up and orders are coming in and I'm fielding inquiries and it's just so crazy! Every year I think "I'll get an earlier start next year -- build up some shop stock . . . it'll be fine next year. I'll be prepared." And then WHAM-O! It seems the holiday rush starts a little earlier every year, too.
And on that note - I am deep in the throes of Holiday doll-making!
Zero hour (last chance to ship pre-Christmas) is just 10 weeks away, and I have 9 orders to fill between now and then. Some of them I can share with you as they are completed. Some of them I won't to maintain the surprise factor for customers who prefer to be surprised.

Delivery is already underway for holiday orders. There was the pink spotted puppy.

And there was a local delivery of a soft-sculpture doll.

And just today, I finished up Clara:

Clara was all too happy to pose for the camera this morning.
Doesn't she look great in her mermaid style skirt?

 I'm very much looking forward to the reactions of all these kids when they get their new friends!

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