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I've been crafting since I can remember. At age 5 or 6, my mom sat me down and put knitting needles in my hands. At 7 I learned to cross stitch and embroider. At 9 I used the sewing machine for the first time. As a teenager, I would make animals from pipe cleaners, sew dolls, make clothes . . . anything and everything - in fits and starts. Virtually everything I made, I gave away. There is something so special about a hand-made gift. Both giving and recieving something beautifully made, with care and love is just . . . amazing.
In my early 20s, I got really serious about knitting and sewing. I started taking my knitting with me everywhere I went. I started making knitting project bags - which are now carried by a yarn store in our area. At first I was astonished that people would pay real money for the things I made with my hands. I tried out some knitting for hire - but I found that to be pretty stressful, and not at all rewarding. I don't knit on a deadline at all anymore. I like to create with inspiration and happiness, not trudge through something I feel I have to do.
One day my sister-in-law sent me a message. She had come across these Waldorf dolls - did I make them or know anyone who did? I did a Google search, and it was all over for me. I made my first doll from a kit, and gave her to my daughter. 2 years on and Beebie is still around, looking well-loved and appreciated. I made 10 more dolls which I gave away in the following few months. I learned a lot from those dolls, not the least of which was that I loved making them and wanted to keep at it. Since my children can only use so many dolls, Making Friends was born. I listed my first 3 dolls looking for homes in June of 2010 - the first one sold in July. I was elated and shocked - once again. I believed my dolls were cute and full of personality. This was validation.

My Waldorf dolls are made with European interlock, clean carded wool, and a lot of care and attention. Each doll takes about 15 hours of work - and some weeks it's easier to carve out that time than others. I find that with every step in the process, each doll takes on his or her own personality. When they get hair, I really get to know who they are. When the blush goes on, they become full of charisma and life. Those are my two favourite steps.
I love creating these dolls. Even more, I love sending them off to their new homes full of optimism and promise for a wonderful future as a childs best friend. It is my hope that these dolls earn a special place in the heart of the child (or adult) they are meant for - that they are cherished, beloved and special. That they bring comfort and unbridled enthusiasm to every day. Some dolls are more than just play-things.

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