Aw! You're making me blush!

Here's some of the feedback I've heard from you.
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Sarah said " . . . they are wonderful and amazing and fabulous and every other phenomenal adjective you can think of. I am so, SO glad that I did this - these will be something for my girls to treasure always and I so appreciate you, your creative mind, and astoundingly talented hands for bringing my random jumble of ideas to life. ❤❤❤"

Suz said "S really loves Logan. Last night he was teaching him how to dance to Yaiyai (Ozzy Osbourne’s I Don’t Wanna Stop) while we were driving in the car. He was also thrilled with Logan having a poppin fresh too. Poppin fresh is our nickname for his belly button."

Kat said " Gloria ... is so completely gorgeous and she’s got real heft! S is going to love her. I gave her a cuddle and she’ll nap in a closet for a little while before she meets her girl, but oh I can already tell it’s going to be good. Amy, I had high expectations from seeing her pictures and from what others said, but she’s easily passed them. She’s perfect."

Jessica said "Thank you so much. I’ve so enjoyed this process--much more than I was expecting. You have created something very special for my very special girl, and I am grateful."

Jennine said "Jennifer Jane arrived safely today! She is so sweet every time I look at her I want to Squee! Even the nine year old son is totally taken with her...had to rescue her from a ride on his dump truck."

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