Monday, 12 August 2013

Robbie & Nathan

This summer has been incredibly busy -- and just plain incredible.
We've had a few weeks of heat and humidity, but also long stretches of beautiful doll-making weather. We've played outside, we've watched movies, we've done crafts . . . and I've made a few more dolls.

First up is Robbie.
Robbie arrived at his new home last week.

He's already well loved by his child, who has been engaging in some baby wearing, and has his mommy nurse Robbie at bedtime.

Robbie is a 14" traditional style Waldorf doll . He has fair skin.

Then there was Nathan.

Nathan is a 10" traditional style waldorf doll. He climbed into his box this morning and headed off for Australia. He's going to see kangaroos, koalas, and parrots!

Nathan's family are fans of non-traditional colours - creating Nathan and his clothing was a really fun, riotous process. I thoroughly enjoyed it!