Sunday, 17 July 2011


My little girl turned 3 recently. Last week, we held her birthday party - and we had a lot of fun! 30 helium balloons, and a kiddie pool at capacity.
One of her gifts was a wooden doll high chair and a new vinyl doll to go with it. I was not convinced the vinyl doll was going to be played with. I mean, my daughter has a fair number of dolls already. Dolls she doesn't really play with. There are 2 Waldorf dolls I made her, a hand-knit 'Sally' who she loves beyond reason and plays with once in a while, a Barbie who hasn't seen the light of day since Sweet Pea bought her with her very own loonie at a yard sale . . . I'm sure there are more.
Imagine my surprise when Sweet Pea refused to go bed the night of her birthday party without her new baby. And she COULDN'T go to bed until her baby's teeth had been brushed. I chalked it up to newness, and bedtime stall tactics. But no, I think she really legitimately likes this doll. She's been playing with her all week. Yesterday she learned the baby drinks and wets . . . and now I need to make some doll diapers.

But oh, the irony! Spend countless hours making dolls with love . . . and she wants Baby Alive. Sigh.

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