Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The process continues

When we left J's new buddy, she was nothing but a set of arms and a head. She's come a long way since then.

After attaching the arms to the head, the whole thing is assembled in a marathon of hand-sewing. When it's done, it looks a lot like this:


There's more hand-stitching to do at the ankles and the hips. I like to add a belly button - an outie just like my little son.


Next up, one of my favourite parts -- the face! Features are first marked with pins


Then embroidered in place


Finally, the hair is added. This girl's hair is only half done - I'll be finishing it and adding the final touch (blush) in short order. Next time you see her, she'll be finished!


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  1. having a hard time leaving comments for some reason today. I hope this works. I am so happy how she's turning out - I love her. I may not share her with J. I may have to order my own sometime :) You rock!