Saturday, 17 March 2012


As promised - a boy with mixed rainbow hair!
This one is so cute, I had a hard time packing him into the box and shipping him off.

Why Wally? Well, Sweet Pea watched Wall*E when this guy was about half completed. Then she spent two days playing Wall*E. In her world, this consists of running around the living room with a blanket over her head, repeatedly yelling out "WALLY! Wally? WaaaAAAALLLYYY!!!!" and so on. For hours. For some reason, Wally was the only thing I could think of when it came time to give this little guy a name.

When he was all finished up, we took Wally for a long walk to the park, and let him play on the toddler jungle gym. I think he really enjoyed it!

And now Wally is on his way to a little boy. He'll be more than happy to give all the snuggles and go on adventures. Bon voyage, Wally!


  1. I imagine it to be so gratifying to actually make these little friends, knowing that they'll be so loved where they'rs going. *Sigh* makes me wish I could do that too :-)

  2. It definitely is, Dee-Anne. That's part of what I love about doing this -- there is a relationship created with each of my custom customers. Knowing their dolls will be loved and cherished is definitely a great feeling.