Monday, 2 April 2012

In the works.

If you follow Making Friends over on Facebook, then you know that about 10 days ago, I was going out of my mind with nerves and excess energy. Boober, my 15 month old son, went in to the hospital last Tuesday for a (very common, very low-risk) surgery. He came through it like a BOSS! and is back to his old mischeivous self. In fact, we were out and back home in time for lunch.

But, that 4 or 5 days of nerves and worry and lying awake at night led to some serious productivity!
There is the current collaboration project I'm working on with Tomboyknits - almost done! I just need to apply facial features and hair to the doll.
I found an indie dyer with a great sense of colour, and hit her up for a custom job for pastel rainbow hair.
I have started 2 more dolls - one is even a mermaid! The bodies are fully sewn, and the heads are rolled and tied.
There are 2 bunny suits that just need ears and elastic.

So . . . productive! But . . . only half finished. There should be lots to see in short order!

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