Thursday, 12 July 2012

Two little cuties

This is Symphony, and oh holy crap! If she weren't already bought and paid for, I think we'd be adding another doll to the collection chez nous.

Symphony is a 10" jointed Waldorf doll. She's sporting an incredible lamb wig, and has a completely unbelievably adorable face. I could play with her for hours.

This one is little baby Allie. She's super cute too. Boober thought we should keep her forever and ever - but I sneaked her into her box and mailed her off this afternoon.

Her face is impish, don't you think?

At least now that Allie has been sent off, Boober will stop freaking out every time he sees her! His baby looks much the same, but he has green eyes and is always naked. Whenever he saw Allie, Boober would yell loudly as he attempted to reclaim his beloved doll - and no amount of conversation would persuade him that this particular doll was not his to love, kiss, and undress. Suffice it to say, there were a LOT of tears.

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