Saturday, 7 July 2012


It has been a busy and productive few weeks! Let me show you.

This is Jennifer Jane, or JJ. She's the doll from the giveaway and has gone to be loved at her new home. She's sporting a first for Making Friends - Tibetan Lamb Skin (TLS) hair. I love the look of this stuff, although it is rough on the fingers to stitch down! For a long time I resisted the idea of TLS on dolls because . . . skin? Sounds off to me. Then I learned that in Tibet, part of their cultural practice involves eating lamb, and the skin used in Waldorf doll-making is a by-product of this cultural way of life.

JJ looks great, and her pigtails are adorable!
Wondering about that frilly dress? I bought it last year from Princess Poppets intending to use it for a giveaway. I had forgotten about it until last week.
Sadly, it looks like the maker of this awesome dress is on vacation for an indefinite period - but I still have one tutu that would fit a 14" doll!

This is the dragon from the giveaway. He came out much thinner than I had hoped - the velour didn't stretch quite as much as I had expected. But, oh he's cute!

And the perfect size for little arms to hold.
These dragons will be available for order via Etsy in the future. If you need one sooner, send me a message or an email.

And finally, there's this little fellow. Monkeys are so cute, don't you think? This pattern is especially charming.

This little guy has already reached his new home, and is busy playing with his little friend.

I have all kinds of things in production right now, but you will see a slow in my Etsy listings. My Christmas rush started last week - it gets earlier every year.
If you're thinking of putting a Making Friends creation under your tree this year, order soon!

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