Friday, 22 June 2012


This one was fun. A lot of fun.
I started this doll a week ago. It was a very motivated project for me. See, I sent the momma who had ordered the doll (someone I consider to be an online friend) a photo as a bit of a joke -- just the doll's pieces, sewed up but not stuffed. "Here's your doll. Har, har." She showed her little girl the photo. Her little girl declared the empty doll skin gorgeous, said she loved it, and instantly named it Isabella.
At that moment, I knew this one was special.

Last year's giveaway saw a first for Making Friends - the rainbow haired doll. When she saw that rainbow beauty, the little girl mentioned above fell in love. She's been patiently waiting for a whole year for a rainbow baby of her very own. A whole year in Tiny Town -- is a lifetime.

Momma and I worked very closely on this doll, and as a result I feel like I know this little girl . . . at least a little. She loves Iron Man, and the colours orange and purple. She's been making up adventures that Isabella has been having right under my nose, but without me ever knowing. Isabella rides rainbows and (exciting!) eats dinner!

Most heart-rending for me - even though her momma told her that Isabella wasn't ready yet, even though she knew that there wasn't a chance, EVERY DAY since Isabella's order was placed, little girl has accompanied her mom to the mail box to see if she's arrived yet.
If there is nothing else that will get someone moving, it's the thought of disappointing an excited child. My wrists actually ache from the pace of the work I did on this doll.

Today her mom showed little girl the photos of her finished doll. "I AM SO READY TO LOVE HER!"
<3 <3 <3
Well hello, gratification.
I certainly hope there are no mailing hiccups.


  1. Isabella is beautiful, as is her tiny human friend and her open heart.

    (Love the freckles!)

  2. We tracked the package yesterday, Isabella has left Canada. I explained to Lu that the mail doesn't actually GO anywhere on Sunday, and she looked at me and said "Mama. That is RIDICULOUS. Don't they know about Isabella??"

    She's so excited. It's awesome to see. Thank you so much for helping me give this gift to her.

    1. Lu is a completely endearing child. I want to cover her cheeks in kisses - I know she's not mine, and I'm sorry if that seems weird, but she has stolen a piece of my heart.
      Isabella will be fine in her box. She took some cookies with her, and a comic book to help pass the time. At least that's what we'll tell Lu, right?

      Thanks to you for letting me experience the anticipation right along with you both.

    2. Um, this is actually almost exactly what I told Lu. Because she was wondering how Isabella would be traveling to us, so I explained that you certainly would have provided for her needs on the trip. She is very glad to hear about the cookies and the comic book; she said she was worried that Isabella would get hungry. :) (We've come to your blog four times today to look at the pictures. Hi.)

      And she does that to lots of people, so no, I don't find it weird at all.

  3. I had no idea a blog post about a doll could actually make me cry. <3 <3 <3

  4. So sweet! Lu is going to love her Isabella and have so many great adventures with her!
    What a great story.
    (Safe travels to Isabella, to her forever home!)

  5. Just in case anyone was worried or following along -- ISABELLA HAS COME HOME. Lucy is thrilled. She hasn't put her down since we opened her box.