Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Annnnd . . . . TIME!

It was 11:58 this morning when Boober decided it was time for his nap, so I was a little late in drawing our winning raffle entry. I am pleased to announce that KATE CLARK has won Moe! I'm just waiting to hear from Kate with a shipping address, and Moe will be on his way home.

I am also super pleased, thrilled even, to announce that the raffle of Moe raised $80 in donations to I've already submitted the donation, and would be sharing the receipt here with you, except that all my info is printed on it. I like you all and everything, but I prefer to keep my home address, full name and such off the internet. If you feel very strongly that you need to see the receipt, then let me know, and I'll figure out how to do that blurry thing.

Congratulations Kate, and thank you to each and every one of you who bought a ticket!

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  1. On behalf of my marvellous mustache and all the other mo bros out there, I thank you very much for the donation on my Movember page. Congrats to the lucky winner of the doll!