Saturday, 16 February 2013

Things kind of blew up there!

Mid-January, something very exciting happened. Making Friends was mentioned, and linked in an online article about natural toys. 

Super! It took less than three days for my queue to fill to mid-April. I actually had to suspend custom orders of 10" jointed dolls, because the wait was getting out of hand. I like to aim for 8 weeks of waiting, maximum.

With these orders, there has been a touch of drama (why is all the red hair coloured yarn in the world suddenly synthetic? I shouldn't have to look so long and hard for this!), and a whole lot of fun and excitement. Just last night, I finished a really adorable little girl doll. I think she's absolutely perfect. This is Bea:

Bea is short for Beatrix. It means bringer of happiness. I couldn't imagine a better name!

Bea will be joining her new family soon. I'm sure she and her little girl will be great friends. And I bet Bea gets to have the most exciting adventures ever!

Heading out with Bea is this little baby dragon.

He's stuffed with wool, making him an all-natural playmate for a very special little boy. And there's something special about this dragon, too! He has a heart.
Little C has a heart murmur. His dragon has a heart in his chest too. They are both brave and strong fellows with big hearts. I've been really honoured to make these 2 incredibly personal, meaningful toys for 2 really amazing littles. Thanks for making me part of that, K! 

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  1. Thank you for helping. I know this dragon with help C grow up big and strong and fierce. And I just adore Bea; I can't wait for her and Mae to meet in person!