Friday, 1 March 2013


Have I ever told you how much I love my work? Sure it can be demanding and challenging, but that's a great big part of the fun. The best part, though, is working closely with some really awesome people to bring dream dolls to life. I recently had the opportunity to work very closely with an Alaskan mom to bring her two daughters some really fantastic dolls.

First, we came up with Milly.

Milly's dress just slays me. The bugs! So cute! Milly has (I believe) just met her little girl this week. I hope they're fast friends!

After Milly, we turned our collective attention to doll #2 -- Teagan.

Teagan is going to a bigger girl, so she's actually got TWO outfits. One is her rainbow dress,

and the other . . . .

. . . is this great mermaid costume! I think there will be many happy hours of play ahead for Teagan and Milly and their girls.

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