Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Kaelin and Kristine

July has been a little on the wild side for me. First, there was my daughter's fifth birthday, and a last-minute party we had to pull together.Then, I was rail roaded into full time day shifts at my job for 2.5 weeks, so that really threw a wrench into the doll-making works. By the time I came home from a full day of office work, I wasn't feeling fun or creative at all. I had forgotten just how rough a full-time day shift can be. Part time afternoons might be taxing, but at least I get a little space from the office!

My stint as an office worker made me really appreciate the opportunity I have as a part-time worker/stay at home mom/hand-made entrepreneur. This is so much better!

I did manage to get 2 dolls done so far this month. I'm starting another one today.

First off, Kaelin:

A 10" jointed custom order, Kaelin was sent off to the same household as Pippa! She's colourful, fun, and slightly silly in her sparkly purple pants.

Then I did up Kristine - Krissy for short:

She's a 14" custom order. She's on her way home now, and will be waiting to delight someone for her birthday!

I know it seems early, but it's already time to start thinking of winter holiday orders. Christmas and Hanukkah are just a few months away! I already have 2 orders for December. If you're thinking of a special toy for the winter season, you may want to start that ball rolling. 


  1. Joe's next paycheck! I will be on it! I can't wait. all your dolls show the love you put into them!