Friday, 28 June 2013

Catching up.

For a while there, life was moving pretty fast. I missed posting some dolls!

This is Bobby - a gender non-specific, 10" jointed doll. I just love the little sleeper!

Celia - a 10" jointed rainbow stripe, that I made just for fun. She's still available in the shop.

Ella - another 10" jointed doll. She was a custom order, but her intended family suffered an unexpected blow. They weren't able to bring her home. Fortunately, Ella was a great fit for another child, and she has found a loving family.

Jennifer - a 14" because I needed a change of pace. I made her just for fun, and she's still available in the shop.

 Pippa - a 10" jointed. I'm particularly fond of this one. I think she's among my best work.
 She is meant to be a very princessy doll, but not a princess. Her belt and un-crown can be worn as bracelets by her child. What's your bet they're lost? I know my daughter would lose them in a week. ;)

And there is Susie - a 10" jointed. I adore her rainbow-y hair. It's bright daisy yarn from Odalee Fibers. LOVE! And the bug dress? Dying over here!

I think that catches us up.

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