Friday, 21 June 2013

The Giveaway Gang!

Are you just about ready?

Today, June 21, 2013, marks the third birthday of Making Friends. Three years of making adorable toys, delighting children and parents, and (best of all) working with some of the most incredible customers I could ever hope for.

In keeping with tradition, a birthday for Making Friends means a giveaway! As you all know, I've been grappling with the decision -- what to give away? I made a choice of sorts -- and this is it:

The 2013 Making Friends giveaway is . . . . .

One of these guys. Yeah, I kind of flaked out on making a choice.

Becky, you all know. 10" jointed Waldorf doll, fair skin, Tibetan lamb wig.

Stuffed with clean, carded wool, dressed in cotton, Becky is an all-natural toy. She's sturdy and crafted to last many, many years. She's been sitting around here for quite a while now, waiting to be adopted and meet her new best friend.

The other options are:

This dragon right here --

He seems like a bit of a shy guy. He keeps wrapping his wings around himself like a security blanket. But then, he was really just finished this morning, so maybe he needs time to warm up to us?

He's made with polyester fleece, filled with polyester, and due to small parts and safety eyes, should be chaperoned if he's given to a young child.
Pattern purchased from DIYFluffies.

And the final option --
This little bunny.

The softest stuffed animal I've ever met! His 'fur' is shaggy minky, his ear lining and foot pads are minky. He is stuffed with clean, carded wool. While he's not an all-natural toy, his stuffing will warm to the touch, and he has a bit of extra heft to him. These are really solid little bunnies!

I tried something new with this guy and did nylon joints instead of string. His jointing is extra solid! He's super cute and would make a great companion for anyone, young or less young.
Pattern credit goes to Cutest Creations. 

General rules:

  • You are not required to like Making Friends on Facebook, favourite Making Friends on Etsy, follow this blog, follow Making Friends on Twitter, or pin anything on Pinterest. That said, if you like what you see well enough to want one of your own, then I would hope you will like, favourite, follow and/or pin my work. 
  • 1 entry per household permitted. You're on the honour system here - don't break my heart! I will be checking that the winners only have 1 entry. Additional entries mean instant disqualification. That's just cheating. 
  • To enter, leave the following via comment: Your choice of prize, and a contact for yourself - either email or Etsy. Please keep in mind that while you CAN comment anonymously, I will need a way to contact you. Per page terms of use, I cannot contact you via Facebook. It's just not allowed. Some folks have been having difficulty with comments. I've done some reading -- apparently if you try a different browser, you may have some luck. Failing that, send me an email ( and I'll enter for you. 
  • Winner will be selected via random number generator at noon EDT on June 25th, and contacted immediately. They will then have 48 hours to respond, or the prize will be passed on to a new winner.
Good luck, everyone, and thanks for another amazing, successful, overwhelmingly incredible year!