Monday, 17 June 2013

Avaleigh & Alice

Sometimes, people ask me to make things that aren't in my normal repertoire. Sometimes those requests work out REALLY well.
A while back, I was asked to make a bunny from Cutest Creations' Waldorf Wabbit pattern.

I did. This was the result:

Alice. Made with shaggy minky, stuffed with wool, weighted with glass pellets. Her ears and foot soles were made from a "Guess How Much I Love You" knit that the momma who ordered Alice sent me. It was sent in the form of a dress that the little girl getting Alice was close to outgrowing. Momma wanted to keep the dress around forever and ever. Now she can, in a way.

Alice was so lovely that I was soon asked to make another, smaller bunny for a different customer. I just finished Avaleigh  yesterday. She shipped this morning.

OMG for cute. Love the big eyes! And her popsicles and ice cream cones dress? Squee!!
Initially Avaleigh was meant to be made from a very shaggy minky. Unfortunately, the pile was overwhelming and it just couldn't work. Thank goodness for flexibility - this final look is something I can really be proud of!

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