Friday, 10 June 2011


While we're all here waiting for news on the dolls in the making, I thought I'd introduce you to Cerise.

She and I had an enjoyable morning together. We took photos between sips of mint tea and admiring the flowers in the garden.

Cerise is just about the sweetest young lady I have ever met. She is astonishingly thoughtful, unbelievably polite, in short, she's an absolute joy.

She kind of hates being made to wear her hair like this though. As she puts it, "it's all silly and poofy."

Cerise told me all about her dream to find a very best friend to toast marshmallows, snuggle up to on scary nights, and to delight on a daily basis. I'm sure someone out there would love to love Cerise. If you have someone in mind, you can find her here.

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