Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Voting: Round 2. Eyes and hair for our mocha friend.

With the heads all formed and ready to go, and the bodies all sewn up, I'm about 3 days away from hair and eyes for the first of the dolls.
I think we'll do the mocha friend first.

So here's what I need to know -- what will this doll look like? Copy and paste the following into the comments form, and add your input! I can make almost any dream a reality - feel free to be creative!

Boy or girl:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:

Voting will be open until I get the stuffing done - could be as little as a few days or as much as a week depending on the whims of my two tiny children. I'll post the final decision when I'm ready to do hair and eyes.
** VOTING HAS CLOSED! Thanks for your ideas.**


  1. Girl
    Hair: Blue green & brown
    Eyes: Hazel

  2. Boy or girl: Girl
    Hair colour: Brown and Blue
    Eye colour: Blue

  3. Girl
    Platinum blonde with fuschia highlights
    light brown

  4. Boy or girl: Girl!
    Hair colour: RAINBOW! PLEASE!
    Eye colour: Any dark-ish tone (olive green would be lovely; sea green with the mocha skin and rainbow hair would be kinda scary. Same goes for shades of purple and blue and brown...)

  5. Boy or girl:Boy
    Hair colour:Dark with red highlights-rasta style
    Eye colour:golden brown

  6. Boy or girl: girl
    Hair colour: whispy mohair blonde braids ...very long
    Eye colour: rich warm brown

  7. Boy or girl: girl
    Hair colour: platinum
    Eye colour: green