Tuesday, 21 June 2011

An update

I'm sure you're all wondering what the status of our 3 dolls might be ...
The mocha and chocolate dolls are fully completed, but need clothing. The peachy doll has a head, the body is sewn, but she is, as yet, unstuffed. I have a very good reason for this  - my poor little baby is sick. He's on antibiotics, and should be feeling better very, very soon - but it took a few days of whiny, clingy child and one climactic night before I realized he needed to see a doctor. Now he's sleeping peacefully. Thank goodness.

As a result of my baby's sickness I've opted to postpone the opening of our giveaway. Keep an eye on this blog - it will be sometime next week.

For your patience, may I offer you a sneak peak?


And just as a teaser there is something very different about the chocolate doll. More details next week!


  1. hope your boy will feel better soon!

  2. Ack! They're adorable! Yes, best wishes to your little one!

  3. Thanks ladies. He's already feeling much better. It's hard not to feel crushing guilt over the discomfort and then pain he was in. I kick myself for missing it - but either no one told him what signals to display OR it came on so quickly there wasn't time. Either way, I'm beating myself up.